Civil Department

Advanced Deposit Fees:

The Civil Department of the Clerk of Court’s Office is the official repository for all civil legal filings, including suits, probates, adoptions, and court action on civil proceedings.

Filing Fees

Advance Deposit Fees:

All suits for executor process: If seizing a vehicle add $8.00 payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles and one to the sheriff where the vehicle is located: $500.00 and the clerk’s check for $300.00 (ONE SERVICE- EACH ADDITIONAL $100.00)

Sheriffs who need to be prepaid are:

East Baton Rouge
West Baton Rouge
Pointe Coupee
(By zip code)
($24.00 per service)
(By zip code)
($30.00 per service)
($20.00 per service)
(By zip code)


Civil Deputies:
Division A:
Layna Rodrigue

Division C:
Treshell Jones
Division B
Brandy E Forman
Division D:
Brittany Turner

Hearing Officer / Family Deputy Clerk:

Family Deputy Clerk
Amber Blanchard

Minute Clerks/ Jury Commissioners:
Divisions A & C:
Denise Alleman
Divisions B & D:
Natalie Hebert

Civil Suit Record Room:
Marion R. Popps
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